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bigmamma is an interactive website for young people working on sustainability, climate change and the environment. Together we create overview, updates and insights from the whole global youth movement and make our efforts visible and accessible to all.
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Global - Where were you when news of the tsunami hit Japan in 2011? How about when Michael Jackson died? Probably online, according to many experts who claim that social media has become the main media source for hundreds of millions of people. Not just...
Dear Bigmamma members, You might have noticed that no new updates were published on Bigmamma.net for some time and we did not use Twitter and FB to keep you updated of new developments either. First of all, my apologies...
New York City - Young people around the world are deeply concerned about a lack of job opportunities and are calling for increased investment in that area, according to the latest World Youth Report, issued...

Global - For everyone who would like to become a successful youth delegate, there is now the Rio+20 Participation Guide. Rio+20, the big UN Earth Summit that will take place in Rio de Janeiro in June this... 

Durban - Young people from across the world have today taken a stand, refusing to accept the prospect of a toothless treaty from leaders that claim to represent them. With their future under threat, young people...
Durban - Curious about what is happening in Durban at the UN climate negotiations? What is the position of the EU in these talks? What will China do? And the African countries? Why did Canada leave the...
Durban - 'Last year, South Africa hosted the FIFA World Cup. This year, it's hosting the UN climate negotiations. Shakira's 'Waka Waka: This Time for Africa' was the official song for the World Cup, so this time we...
Durban - Some 1000 youth from all over the world have gathered in Durban, South Africa, for the two week long UN climate negotiations, where governments will hopefully decide on...
Durban - Messy, chaotic and often difficult to understand... The UN climate talks, the 17th Conference of the Parties, took off in Durban, South Africa, this week. OneClimate explains you the negotiation process and...
Washington -  The Obama Administration will be requesting a 12-18 month review for the Keystone XL pipeline in response to a global campaign to push President Obama to deny the permit for a $7 billion tar...
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